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Art Series Eye Shadows


High powered pigments include magnesium and kaolin clay for long lasting and nutrient rich colour.

Comes in 6 beautiful shades. See other details to find out more. 


100% vegan, clean + cruelty free. Made in Australia + fresh from our TMF lab.


Use as high voltage eye shadows by pressing into a powdered + set eyelid, or mix with pure skin primers for glowing highlights on your cheekbones, cupids bow and eyelids.


Green Eyes: try ‘frankie’ which is an iridescent purple and will accentuate the green in your eyes due to the contrast.

‘ultra’ is a rich khaki that will actually make green eyes appear slightly lighter.

‘edie’ will give you a sheer pink lavender wash of colour and also double as a cheek highlight.

Blue Eyes: try ‘baby’ to make the blue in your eyes really pop or ‘velvet’ which has gold undertones and will give you a deep smoky eye whilst accentuating the contrast of the coolness of your baby blues. 

‘ultra’ also looks great on blue eyes and will pick up any cool green hues you may have.

Hazel eyes: if you want to accentuate the green flecks in your eyes try ‘frankie’ (purple), ‘baby’ (gold) and ‘edie’ (pink lavender).

If you like to pick up the darker brown tones, try ‘viva’ (silvery brown) or ‘velvet’ (warm brown with gold shimmer).

Brown Eyes: You can literally wear any shade. 

If you want to draw focus to the warmth in your Irises, choose ‘viva’ which is a silvery cool brown and will accentuate contrast.

‘frankie’ will bring out the truest brown of your eyes and can also make the whites of your eyes look brighter. 

‘baby’ will enhance the warmth of your eyes and give you a natural pop of colour.

Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, kaolin clay.

[+/- may contain iron oxides]

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