With the terms “natural’, clean, organic, or green” being used liberally and “greenwashing” becoming more apparent, it is important that there is transparency between The Green Beauty co, our brands and you. It is a key foundation for us, therefore it’s crucial that the brands we offer have the relevant certifications and labels behind their claims. In doing this we can uphold that our brands reflect the standards and ethos that which we firmly standby.


It’s essential that the products we carry, are manufactured and produced ethically ie. from the sourcing of raw materials to final the product.  This means that our products are not to be associated to unfair wages, labour conditions, unfair treatment or any other discriminatory practices, hence upholding integrity, and honour to all people throughout the supply chain.

We are an inclusive company, embracing diversity and people from all backgrounds. We do not stand for discrimination or injustice based upon culture, race, religion, ethnicity, or nationality. We want people to feel represented as we believe - beauty is for everyone.


An important standard which our products adhere to is respecting the environment. We ensure that the product we offer are sourced and produced sustainably without negatively impacting the environment. Preserving and protecting the beauty of the planet is important to us and the brands we offer – we believe that beauty should spread joy and not cause detriment to the planet.


We love and want to protect our animals and all species from harm. Here at the The GreenBeauty co, all our products offered are 100% cruelty free. We strongly believe that nothing needs to be tested on animals nor should animals be harmed for ingredients.


INGREDIENTS MATTER. It is essential that all the products which we offer ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably, maintaining integrity and compassion for people and the planet. Rest assure that these ingredients meet the standard of being “Organic, Natural or Clean”.

However, it’s not just what is inside the product that matters but also what is left out that is equally as important. We only offer products that are safe, beneficial, and effective - free from harsh chemicals, parabens, artificial colours and artificial fragrances.

We ensure our brands select the finest and purest of ingredients, so that you can enjoy and feel confident in your purchase.